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    MELEON magic dragon company from Germany, the western industrial city of ESSEN (Essen). Over the years the company has been committed to the development of automotive lubricants, car care products, industrial oil, the pursuit of product regionalization. Not only to achieve the front end of the industry standards, but also according to global geography, climate, terrain, operating environment and other different factors, the development of appropriate national or regional more appropriate products. Magic dragon has been committed to the cause of environmental protection, nano graphene technology can make the most effective use of energy vehicles, save resources and reduce environmental pollution. Degradable UCPE packaging for the environmental cause of the contribution should be the strength.


    "Zhuhai meleon" is a high-end automotive lubricants, care products, the company's business scope covers the whole of china. Company's products through the cooperation with the German MELEON, the introduction of Germany's top synthesis technology, quality in its field of excellence. The company has been committed to energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon, environmental protection building, the use of biodegradable materials, for the environment to do a modest force.

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